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Wow, it's like being there and stuff. I like the clouds and the sig. The set of aviators allows the subject to see more than just eyesight and that's important. The blue background reminds of a slick animation or and oldschool desktop background. Pick and choose if you will, but it's good character and probably gives people a lot of hope too and stuff. Congratulations.

Nice weapon, nice feathers. Would fly again.

Yeah, that's pretty average. Look at those lines behind him. A dark and mystic liney past of charos following him. Sort of like chaos but it's a typo. He seems like he'd type them all the time on the internet before someone corrects him. I hope he finds his way though. That would probably be important, right? GOOD LUCK ADOLESCENT and find your journey and medium into the future!

Mr. Red Square guards the guardians and he is your friend. He pretty much does just as he should. I like the background, the character, and though there's tons of red space, it's not more than enough or not enough. It feels just right. It has a good feel to it all through and through and it looks like he can cure all sorts of conflicts but why post a picture of him? It's because he's kind of necessary in this dangerous Earth we stand on the surface of. It gives you of a hope to be hopeful

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that was beautiful

It is an importance in our life that we acknowledge John because he's just kinda doing his thing. It's like who we could be or represent. Life is a tricky substance that binds us to having to do stuff to keep it going. John is simply doing his best with it and there might be either so much more or so much less to decide from it. Where are the others? They're you and me, influenced by life works and his outlook and his extremely blue yet functional apparel, his well toned ear for hearing things, and his head cover, not too flashy, but functional in case it rains. Good absorption. Very extravagant, cool sig. I think we're yet to see the true potential behind the creator. or has the creation been the signature of the person behind it. Keep up the torch and guard it well. It is something to light up in the future, bigger than a minor stadium and the like. b

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